Thursday, April 11, 2013

Maples v. Thomas

This case was debating whether a mistake in one firm's mailroom could cost an inmate his life. Cory Maples was facing the death sentence in the federal court. "Maples lost the chance to appeal his death sentence when his pro bono attorneys left Sullivan & Cromwell and the firm's mailroom returned a court order unopened with "Return to Sender-Left Firm."" The district court denied his request saying it was a late appeal. This decision was upheld by the 11th circuit. Cory Maples petitioned the supreme court saying that in missed deadline actually was not his fault.
"The state was partly to blame after a court clerk placed the returned letter in a drawer without letting anyone know." This case was argued on October 4, 2001. It was decided on January 18, 2012. The decision was 7-2, in Maples favor. I agree with this decision because had this case not been in Maples favor, a man could die because of something unjust that happened. The people who made the mistake in the courtroom should have some kind of consequence. Cory Maples will still probably have to face the death penalty for his committed crime at some point, just not at this current time.

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