Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin

Abigail Fisher was senior at a high school in Sugar Land, Texas in 2008. She applied to the University of Texas at Austin and she was denied acceptance. Fisher is challenging the school's race-conscious admissions policies. She is claiming she was denied access because she is white. "The school defends its policy of considering race as one of many factors -- such as test scores, community service, leadership and work experience -- designed to ensure a diverse campus."

This case brings up unresolved questions pertaining to race and schools searching for diversity. "Justice Kagan will not hear this case because she had dealt with the issue while serving as President Barack Obama's solicitor general. That would leave the possibility of a 4-4 tie, meaning the university would prevail, but no important precedent would be established." Abigail Fisher is pretty much out of luck if she is trying to make a difference.

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